Salty Breakfast: The emerging trend taking over hotels

Nowadays relaxing and exquisite breakfasts are gaining more and more importance, especially on holiday. In fact, breakfast is turning into a full-fledged pillar of the hospitality sector with the ability to deliver a culinary experience which ranges between sweet delights and salty delicacies. It is, therefore, a crucial component which enriches the experience for every single guest.

A study carried out on a hotel located in Rimini and published by Italia in Tavola showed how the breakfast service was way more successful than the lunch service. This turn of events pushed the hotel to opt for a single and prolonged “morning” service offering both sweet dishes as well as salty ones. The result was a prosperous situation where both early and late risers could have a breakfast suitable for their needs, since hotels were offering meals unavailable in common bars or cafes.

The benefits of a salty breakfast

According to data obtained by Doxa/Aidepi Observatory, one out of five people prefers a salty breakfast in comparison with a sweet one. Did you know it is a healthy habit? A salty breakfast seems to have higher satiating power, helps keeping blood sugar under control and prevents food cravings during the rest of the day. Missouri University confirmed the beneficial effects of a salty breakfast as well, further stating that it prevents illnesses such as diabetes.

A salty and healthy breakfast, if balanced correctly, should in fact provide all the nutrients needed after the overnight fast. By examining its effects on satiety, it appears that breakfasts which are rich in proteins (20/30g obtained from eggs and bread) lead to a more contained calorie consumption during lunch and to a lower risk of a rise in blood sugar; therefore, it is recommended for people with a high blood sugar level on an empty stomach.

Consequently, today’s breakfast is not the same as it was a few years ago: it seems to be quite the opposite, since consumers are getting way more attentive about what they buy and serve to their families. Likewise, bars, restaurants and supermarkets exponentially increased their offer of “light” and “whole” products, with a preference for biologic ones.

Italians say “the most important meal of the day”

To sum things up, breakfast is slowly becoming “The Meal” of the day, pushing hotels worldwide to get accustomed with this new trend and to vary their offer including more biologic and selected products as well as “gluten free”, “lactose free” as well as vegan and vegetarian friendly alternatives.

We, at Biobontà, are committed to encourage and provide a healthy and appetizing diet, especially for people with food intolerances or allergies. If you want to know more about our products, consider visiting our website and joining our biologic and sustainable community.

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