What is the EC Stamp? Why is it so important for consumers?

Full guarantee for consumers of Biobontà sauces!

The EC Stamp is a sanitary authorization released to production plants of foodstuffs of animal origins and to organizations which deal with breeding, butchering, shipping, storage and marketing of the mentioned products in the European Union. The requirements that have to be satisfied in order to obtain the EC Stamp are established by Reg CE 853

The Stamp is granted to companies which are able to produce while following the norms referenced by the EU. We are talking about companies which have employed:

  • Separate environments for different production processes and different temperatures, suited for the product type.
  • Separated storage rooms for raw materials such as meat, fish and vegetables.
  • Compliance with hygene standards in working areas and warehouses.
  • Warehouses for final products separated by type of product and temperature.
  • A continuous system of self regulation weekly supervised by official authorities (ASL)
  • Preservation of the cold chain during preservation and shipping.
  • A guarantee that final products are hygienically safe.

The mandatory conditions establish specific hygienic norms concerning food of animal origin.
Looking further in this subject you can have a look at Reg CE 852 which includes the last update contained in the regulation C 199.

The EC Stamp, applied on the bulk product or on the label of the packaged product, shows how the company complies with the health and hygiene standards established by community regulations, which are necessary to control the trade of food products from production up to the final consumer. A real plate for the establishment or the production laboratory which follows foodstuffs for the entire supply chain.

The system defines an European level identification for all the establishments which treat foodstuffs of animal origin which can be accessed through this address.

The visual identifier of the EC Stamp is an oval awarded by authorized authorities. The mentioned symbol must follow the standards of the Stamp itself, such as: size, proportions, colors, letters, and it has to be recorded in company’s documents, in shipping documents and in billing documents together with the batches covered.

TUTTOVO, as a producer of Biobontà, is the only company in Italy which has two CE markings for eggs and milk.

In order to obtain the EC marking, the company underwent an inspection of the Italian Ministry of Health which strictly verified the factory’s premises, the machinery, the equipment, the productive procedures, staff behavior and clothing: all of these must be in accordance with the legislation.

Furthermore, the company has the EC marking number 3, which means that it has been among the first three certified companies in Italy, a great result for a SME!

After the concession of the EC stamp I-3OV the factory has been inspected weekly by a veterinarian of the ASL TO3 Piedmont which monitor that all the activities under the factory are realized in accordance with European Union Regulation.

There are over 20 procedures that TUTTOVO has enacted in order to produce Biobontà sauces and satisfy legal requirements concerning raw materials, semi-finished products, the finished products that the company places on the market, the company staff, their clothes and their permanent formation/information.

Innovation and high-quality goods with a strong attention to consumer’s well-being and safety, are the objectives that inspire TUTTOVO mission in the production of Biobontà sauces.

But why is the EC Stamp so important for foodstuffs? Because foodstuffs of animal origin require the most attention and a greater committment about food safety, so to ensure consumers’ safety, they can, in fact, cause diseases of animal origin.

If, during an inspection of the competent authorities, some non-conformities are detected, the price to pay is not the removal of the EC Stamp, instead a legal process against the company will start.

Don’t rely on those who don’t guarantee for the safety of your customers! For your sauces, trust Biobontà, the only italian company which produces sauces with two EC Stamps!

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