Let’s discover Biobontà’s Sauces! Andalusa Sauce

The Cocktail Sauce 2.0

Our Andalusa Sauce, the sauce which glorifies the Red Pepper!

The original recipe comes from Belgium, we studied it and re-designed it under Biobontà’s criteria!
It is born from the desire to dignify the classic Cocktail Sauce and to establish it as a 2.0 version.

Everything starts with the marinade; the 100% Organic Red Pepper flakes are marinated in vinegar (the same one used for the rest of the recipe) for 24 hours. Thanks to this procedure the sauce gains its traditional flavor, which is unparalleled in comparison with the original Cocktail Sauce.

The method and the ingredients are carefully studied in order to obtain an end product extremely creamy; EVO oil is poured in at cold temperature to perfectly emulsify the sauce, giving a touch of elegance to the final texture.

The protagonist of it all, the Red Pepper, comes in at the last second and, as the Main Character, shows why the job is not done yet. It explains this concept thanks to its lively taste which gives the Andalusa Sauce a touch of innovation, making it unique.

The Andalusa Sauce matches well with fried food, enhancing it thanks to its sweetness; moreover, hardboiled eggs, by having a more delicate taste, help bringing out the sophisticated flavor of the sauce.

Let’s imagine an open sandwich: a crunchy piece of bread which just came out of the oven, a sliced hardboiled egg, pitted olives, a handful of capers and some flakes of Andalusa Sauce…how can you resist that?

And why not adding a good wine in the mix? In Italy we say: “A dinner without wine is like a day without sunshine!”.
Navarra rosé wine, fresh and fruity, is perfect for a sauce which is so rich in taste.
If you prefer a red wine instead, fear not, you just need something a bit lighter but fruity as well, maybe with a slight sour note. Pinot Noir is the best choice, especially if the sauce is coupled with some crunchy tapas.

If you are not convinced yet it’s because you didn’t try it 😉 it’s a promise.

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