Let’s discover Biobontà’s Sauces! Indian Sauce

The original Curry Sauce

Have you ever tried an Indian restaurant? Have you ever experienced the strong flavor of curry?

Our desire to share with everyone this special taste is what convinced us to create our Indian Sauce. We managed to accurately reproduce the aromatic characteristics of Curry while preserving the usual delicacy of Biobontà sauces. This sauce is unique and hard to find, even in the best supermarkets, that is why we wanted to make it available for all the Indian food lovers as well as for all those who are still skeptical about the Indian cuisine.

Everything starts with our Curry powder, a mixture of spices especially designed to adapt to our production processes so to enhance all its fragrances.

The mix is dissolved in water so to create a light cream which is later added to all the remaining ingredients: eggs, vinegar, mustard and salt. We are talking about a cold prepared sauce.

Once the mixing is completed, the sauce is emulsified with cold oil poured little by little so to keep a delicate texture pleasing to the tongue, which is the main feature of all our sauces!

Once the emulsion is completed the homogenization process starts, in this step the goal is to add a creamy texture to the delicate mixture obtained in the previous one. The result is our Curry Sauce, with its intense and fragrant flavor and a fluffy texture just like a cloud, try it and see it for yourself!

The perfect match for the sauce is chicken in all its forms! Fried chicken, grilled chicken, roasted chicken, it doesn’t matter. The texture and the delicate flavor of poultry allow curry’s aromas to stand out resulting in an excellent combination. The sauce can also be used to refine the flavor of a classic rice salad or a hardboiled egg, with just a spoonful of sauce you will notice the harmony of your dish.

Moreover, a nice dish needs to be coupled with a good wine. In this case we are suggesting you a Gewürztraminer, a white wine from Alto Adige with scents of spices and flowers which complement the intricate flavor of curry. Another alternative is Riesling demi-sec, a German wine with sour notes which helps cleansing the palate with each sip.

Are you a curry lover? Are you a newcomer in the world of oriental flavors?
You won’t be disappointed! That’s a promise by Biobontà 😉

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