Organic Mayonnaise: 3 reasons to buy it

Vasetto di maionese biologica

What is the difference between an organic mayonnaise and a conventional one? It’s easy! It takes just three words!

Because it’s tasty

Creamy and delicate, mayonnaise combines well with pretty much everything! Maybe that’s why people call it the queen of sauces.

Whether it’s French or Spanish in origin, who cares! The truth is that this sauce makes everybody happy, from the most refined palates to the most demanding of children. Just serve it and success is guaranteed! We can’t resist it, what about you?

Because it’s healthy

As our grand-mas told us, to make the perfect mayonnaise we need a few and simple ingredients: egg yolks, oil, vinegar and salt. Since we love food, all our sauces are made following the principles and recipes of the highest Italian and international culinary tradition. Our mayonnaise is just like the one you would make at home! Only Italian, simple, and organic ingredients.

Here’s the answer to our question. Organic mayonnaise has no additives, preservatives, colorants, synthetic aromas, or OGMs. The lack of any synthetic chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers and modified maize starch gives organic products the flavor of the past. The result is a genuine, healthy, but most of all tasty product!

Because it’s good for you and the planet

Buying organic is a very specific choice. Indeed, this method of farming implies way much more than the simple lack of substances harmful to the human body. The consumption of organic products, in our case mayonnaise, is often linked to factors of well-being and taste. Buying organic actually means having respect for the environment and animal welfare.

Organic farming infographic
Organic farming infographic

The use of organic fertilizers, crop rotation and the attention toward the local are like tender, but precious cuddles for our planet. Our hand has to be gentle and in harmony with the surrounding environment: respect for the natural cycles of the soil and the promotion of biodiversity are thus additional key elements of organic farming.

Then, the safeguard of the territory is strictly related to animal welfare. As we already know, the number of livestock is proportional to the absorption capacity of the soil. This means less overgrazing, soil pollution, animals’ psychophysical stress, etc.

The virtuous organic circle
Animals, territory, taste: the virtuous organic circle.

It is a real virtuous circle: animals are happier, the soil won’t be affected by the damage caused by intensive breeding, and hence, it will produce healthier and tastier fruits. Some of them will be used for human consumption, while others will be used in animal feeding. And that’s how the cycle starts again.

So, that’s why you should buy organic mayonnaise. These 3 reasons are the same that have always marked the quality and the excellence of our sauces: tasty, healthy, and good for you.

Trust the Italian chef sauces!

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