Mayonnaise in 3 steps!

How to make, in practice, the Mayonnaise Dear friends, we took a break and we are now ready to make an amazing mayonnaise with and for you! Let’s recall the steps we did until now: We squeezed the sunflower seeds and obtained the oil. We got our precious egg yolk by separating it from the […]

Only in organic there is real animal welfare!

Maiale felice da agricoltura biologica

In the conventional it is only smoke in the eyes of the consumer. The claim “animal welfare” is now present on countless animal origin products, such as milk, for example, or eggs. But who certifies this supposed welfare of animals bred in intensive farms? The EU Council directive 98/58/EC it lays down minimum standards for […]

Healthier the hens, healthier the eggs!

Gallina in gabbia

Part two: the real hens’ welfare Last time we talked about two kinds of hens’ intensive rearing: Battery hens intensive rearing free-range hens intensive rearing This time we’ll talk about two other rearing methods: outdoor-raised hens organic outdoor-raised hens Apparently, these two typologies seem to be pretty the same. Actually, they are not. I would […]

Healthier the hens, healthier the eggs

Esemplare di gallina autoctona: la livornese!

Battery hens, free-range hens, outdoor-raised hens, and organic outdoor-raised hens. What kind of chicken do you want? Or rather, what kind of chicken do you want to lay the eggs you consume?  Today, declaring the use of eggs coming from free-range hens is a real trend. The presence of this claim on the labels of different kinds […]

7 reasons to distrust “natural” food

100% Naturale Etichetta

We are literally submerged by the term “natural” or “100% natural” that we find on the labels of a considerable amount of food products. The term is raging on the TV and magazines. Even the pet food is considered “natural”. Here they are the 7 reasons to distrust the word “natural”. What does it mean? […]

Fake! Craft products cost more than industrial ones

Prodotti artigianali costano di più

The craft products do NOT cost to the Italian consumers, more than the industrial one! Craft products cost more than industrial ones. NO! It often happens to find almost similar food products on the shelves of stores and supermarkets. One offered by a large company, perhaps a multinational company, and another by a small artisan […]

Organic VS ultra-processed industrial food

Organic vs ultra-processed industrial food

Untra-processed industrial food increasing consumption The consumption of organic food is certainly on the rise, thanks to more information. But ultra-processed industrial food is also on the rise (carbonated drinks, packaged sweet and savoury snacks, many ready meals, reconstituted meat products, industrial ice cream…). “Ultra-processed foods, if consumed in excess, not only have effects on […]

Bio as Real Safeguard for Environment and Livestock Health

Bio as Real Safeguard for Environment and Livestock Health

Bio as Real Safeguard for Environment and Livestock Health There has been said a lot recently about organic farming. In general terms: it is good, it is good for health, it does not contain pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and for these reasons organic product consumption is growing in large-scale distribution too. That is all true, […]