We are chef, sauces are our passion


We are the Italian chef of sauces
Produced in Rivoli, just outside Turin,in the north of Italy

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A Star is born

A star is born: Biobontà Beet Ketchup. A small miracle, a perfect balance of scents and flavors, sweet and salty, earthy taste and scents of

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More worms at the table

No Mediterranean diet, no amatriciana pasta, no pizza, just all the good things we know and eat.
Let’s eat these worms and get this over with.

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Petrini, fondatore Slow Food
Slow Food

Amazon-vs-Slow Food

All that glitters is not gold… never a sentence was more correct.
In the following lines you will read about the battle of Carlin Petrin, founder of Slow Food, against the giant Amazon.

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Mayonnaise in 3 steps!

How to make, in practice, the Mayonnaise Dear friends, we took a break and we are now ready to make an amazing mayonnaise with and

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Mayonnaise Mon Amour!

That’s how Mayo it’s done! Mayonnaise is the most famous, most loved and most eaten sauce in the world. The recipe is very easy: oil,

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