We are chef, sauces are our passion


We are the Italian chef of sauces
Produced in Rivoli, just outside Turin,in the north of Italy

Foods High Protein – HP
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Give us today our proteins

Proteins, proteins and even proteins offered from all sides: High Protein o HP.
“Normal” non-protein food is now treated like poor food, almost junk food.
Incredible but true.

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The Gladiator – 2000 directed By Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe
Tips & tricks

Proteins & Laughter

Nothing but meat! Nothing but proteins!
The typical diet of the gladiators consisted of legumes, barley and a particular “supplement” to recover strength.

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Monument to Justice
Bio what a passion

Sends me to the judge

The Calvé mayonnaise, made by Unilever, doesn’t have it.
He doesn’t even have Hellmann’s mayonnaise, another Unilever trademark.
Not even mayonnaise and Kraft sauces are equipped.
Nor is the mayonnaise from the multinational Heinz.
Coming to Italy, they don’t have mayonnaise and Formec sauces.
Neither does his Biffi brand.
And last but not even the mayonnaise Saclà is equipped.

But what is it that all these great food players, mayonnaise makers and mayonnaise-based sauces do not have?
They do not have the CE mark on egg products.

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Chef pills

A Star is born

A star is born: Biobontà Beet Ketchup. A small miracle, a perfect balance of scents and flavors, sweet and salty, earthy taste and scents of

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Senza categoria

More worms at the table

No Mediterranean diet, no amatriciana pasta, no pizza, just all the good things we know and eat.
Let’s eat these worms and get this over with.

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Petrini, fondatore Slow Food
Slow Food

Amazon-vs-Slow Food

All that glitters is not gold… never a sentence was more correct.
In the following lines you will read about the battle of Carlin Petrin, founder of Slow Food, against the giant Amazon.

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