Food Revolution and food packaging: 3 reasons to choose glass

Glass or plastic?

We live in a world increasingly endorsing the usage of eco-friendly materials and progressive technologies. This is a fundamental topic that these years concerned popular characters like Greta Thumberg – whose public speeches deeply involved the latest generations from X to Z – and that inevitably affects companies all over the world.

Food Revolution: the relationship between consumers and food sustainability

Production is increasingly adapting to comply with the standards of protection and respect of the environment. However, concerning the food factories’ field, what is the relationship between buyers and sustainability?

  • Even the process of seeking a product that respects the ethical standards of environmental sustainability involves the food packaging, as the tendency to associate food with sustainability is an increasing attitude.

Along these lines, there are several elements that we should not overlook: how to choose the most suitable material fit for food packaging? Which is better between plastic and glass?

Glass: aesthetic and sustainable

Nowadays, plastic and glass are used in every area of our daily life and, as we already know, plastic has a greater environmental impact. However, we should consider the widely-use of PET plastic as well -polyethylene terephthalate – 100% recyclable.

Even if we found an eco-friendlier solution about plastic, from the buyers’ point of view, glass seems to be the best choice concerning food packaging. Why?

  1. Glass is completely impermeable to gases and oxygen.
  2. Glass packaging are hygienic and resistant to environmental agents.
  3. Unlike plastic – that under specific circumstances release substances upon products – glass does not release any kind of substances because the surface does not absorb smells, foods, or germs.

Moreover, in addition to crucial factors like environmental safety and the preservation of the product, the glass packaging appeal is not negligible. The aesthetic factor is not trivial: glass is the visual manifesto of a production concerning what is artisanal, natural, and sustainable. Excellent for our sauces.