Give us today our proteins

Foods High Protein – HP

But how many brands of proteneized foods are there?


Foods High Protein – HP
                                                       Foods High Protein – HP

Proteins, proteins and even proteins offered from all sides: High Protein o HP.
“Normal” non-protein food is now treated like poor food, almost junk food.
Incredible but true.

If there is not at least 20% protein, it is no longer food. What a story. What a madness!

“But what is most striking is the growing trend: the penetration of protein products detected increased from 7% in 2020, to 15% in 2021 and to 29% in 2022. The most loyal – 2 million households – buy high protein products almost 16 times a year, for an average expense of € and are responsible for just under 80% of the turnover of the sector”. (From The Food Fact – June 2023 – The charge of foods rich in protein: but who do they really serve? – Valeria Balboni).

Pizzas, piadinas and even polenta (sic!) are also involved in this protein rush.
Proteins know no limits.
Also from “The Foods Fact”, some brands that produce proteinized foods:

  • Cameo offers creams dessert, mousse and drinks based on milk and coffee
  • Müller we find yogurt and mousse rich in protein
  • Yomo offers High Protein Kvarg, lo fat, high protein fresh cheese
  • Danone the hipro line
  • Valfrutta offers ‘protein’ shakes, in different flavors
  • Pro Up – Eurovo brand based egg white (76%), with citrus fiber, natural flavors, vitamin H, sucralose as a sweetener and potassium sorbate as a preservative
  • Amadori proposes a preparation for protein pancakes
  • Measure protein crackers
  • Galbusera Pretein biscuits
  • Valsugana prepared for polenta
  • Fiorentini Super Protein biscuits
  • Náttúra the chips 28 Protein Sport Chips

All foods largely “recomposed” and often ultra-processed, paradoxically intended for an audience of “healthy”.
We have already talked about it in an article “We don’t eat crickets anymore” of 15/12/2022.
We republish a significant part of it.


The new world has arrived

But you don’t find all this fantastic, truly stellar, beyond every wildest fantasy.
The new world of Aldous Huxley is already among us!

A magical world, where man can now create food abstracting from the direct intervention of nature.
Taking possession of the most vital gesture for the individual and for the whole species: nutrition.

Spaceship USS Enterprise – NCC 1701
                                     Spaceship USS Enterprise – NCC 1701

We’re all in Star Trek

Back to the future, in Star trek, we are on the Constitution-class startship USS enterprise (NCC-1701), with Captain Kirk and the Vulcan Spock and especially with the molecular matrix matter replicator.

Here, the replicator can recreate all varieties of food, modeling matter at the molecular level and producing, from raw matter, inert and easily stored, any substance.

As for organic matter, the cellular structures are reproduced in full; however, the various cellular organelles (mitochondria, chloroplasts, etc.) are not complete and do not possess their original functionality.

Inside the nucleus, the genetic material is not organized to form DNA chains. That explains why
the replicators can’t produce anything alive.





Comparison between a replicator that has just created a cocktail, and a 3D printer that has instead created a glass. The similarity of operating the 2 machines is really impressive.
       Comparison between a replicator that has just created a cocktail, and a 3D printer that has instead created a glass. The similarity of operating the 2 machines is really impressive.


The man of the 21st century challenges the gods in a stronger and more successful way than a Prometheus, an Icarus and many other mythological figures that preceded the year.
Great Jupiter, what a story!



Modern times 1936 - The automatic feeding machine
                         Modern times 1936 – The automatic feeding machine


Are all these proteins good?

Surely they are good, very good especially to those who produce them, who can sell the proteinized replica of “normal” foods at a much higher price, in some cases up to double (100% more!).
Did you miss it?
Absolutely not.

We report again from the article already mentioned in “The Food Fact”.

Is it worth buying these products? We asked Stefania Ruggeri, a nutritionist and researcher at Crea-Food and nutrition for an opinion.
“I would say no. – Says Ruggeri – In most cases they are processed foods and contain many ingredients, including sweeteners and thickeners, substances whose daily consumption, according to the latest scientific studies, increases the risk of many chronic-degenerative diseases and reduces life expectancy. ….. Some white yogurts (Arborea, Ayo yogurt, Milk, Pro High Protein), for example, do not contain additives and could be useful in the nutrition of the elderly who undergo sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass) and whose diets are often poor in nutrients.

Do we need a high amount of protein in the diet?
“In general no. – Notes Ruggeri – Numerous studies show that, in Western countries, many adults and unfortunately also many children take a much higher amount of protein than the real needs.
……. the right amount of protein is easily reached with a good diet: for example, by consuming a glass of milk, whole meal bread and some walnuts or almonds for breakfast, a dish for lunch with a whole grain or pseudocereal (for example, quinoa or buckwheat), a yogurt in the afternoon and a portion of fish, meat or eggs or legumes, for dinner. Obviously always adding vegetables and fruits”.

We’ve also seen baked goods like crackers and wraps and even chips. Can they be interesting?
“My advice is to always pay attention to both the list of ingredients and the nutritional table: – says Ruggeri – most of these products provide a certain amount of carbohydrates and often even simple sugars, so they are not actually protein foods. I would make a different speech for legume flour snacks that often do not contain additives and can be excellent substitutes of the most common sweet and savory snacks. Eating a little less, properly and exercising remain the only secrets to staying fit and living long.”

Not to mention that, like the protein content, the prices of these products are also higher than the average of similar products.

A real pearl: 45 ingredients!! So much for healthy food.
         A real pearl: 45 ingredients!! So much for healthy food.


Other opinions on protein food.


How to avoid stones and protect kidneys
Consider the aprothenic foods.
Proteins of animal origin such as those contained in meat, cheese, fish and eggs should be assimilated in moderation.
It is preferable, as far as possible, to include in the diet “aprothenic” foods such as bread, pasta, biscuits, flour and rice produced specially without proteins and are also found in the supermarket. (Fabio Guarino – 07/08/2023)

High Protein Diet and Kidney Damage: Are Proteins Bad for the Kidneys?
The factors that, instead, affect the risk of contracting chronic kidney disease are: obesity, hypercholesterolemia, insulin resistance, hyperuricemia, hypertension.
The diet alone, in healthy and normal-weight people, does not appear to cause the formation of kidney stones.
More importantly, it could exacerbate a trend already underway.
This is not, however, a reason to neglect nutritional balance.
(Team Mypersonaltrainer – 27.06.2022)

But do high protein diets hurt the kidneys?
Before we go into the subject, we must clarify two points that are still outstanding today:

  1. high protein diets can be harmful for people who already have chronic kidney disease: such as diabetics, hypertensive, cardiopathic or obese with microalbuminuria or even those with a solitary kidney, for example.
    Normo/low protein diets are generally recommended for these patients.
  2. for most a healthy people high protein diet is generally not harmful, especially if followed for a short time. Better still avoiding processed meats and choosing rather soy proteins, beans,nuts, fish, skinless poultry, lean meat, pork and low-fat dairy products (Dr. Emiliano Staffolani, MD, PhD, specialist in Nephrology)


Do these proteins help?

We close by taking statements contained in the number of 21/09/2023 always in
“Food facts”, always on proteins and always by Valeria Balboni.

Is it worth buying these products?
We asked Antonio Pratesi, a nutritionist.
“The emphasis given today to Hp food products has no reason to be.
It is a commercial fact derived in part from the false dietary concept that demonizes all carbohydrates and that originates from low carb diets of all kinds, from the late 800, to get to the latest paleo and ketogenic diets.
Not only that, even in the scientific field, the importance that is given to proteins comes in part from the false concept that had spread after the Second World War, which identified malnutrition in the world with a ‘protein deficiency’.
It has taken years for this idea to be corrected in order to rightly talk about calorie-protein malnutrition.

The prices of Hp foods in fact in most cases are higher than the ‘normal’ analogues.
Several factors affect this, including the search for new ingredients and new recipes and the fact that usually the packaging of these products is smaller than the unaffected analogues.
But not only that… “High protein products – concludes Pratesi – represent a new frontier in the food industry business: create foods that are not useful and necessary, make them feel superior to similar products without added protein, to sell them at a premium.



Primary vegetable proteins, the best
                        Primary vegetable proteins, the best