Why I say no to modified starch!

No amido modificato

I want to start this article with a topic that is particularly close to my heart: the modified starch. We are not necessarily talking about a GMO if it is not actually made from a GMO cereal.

It is a chemical – physical modification, and is generally made from corn, rice and tapioca. Modified starch is literally a kind of powerful glue of vegetable origin.

It is truly impressive to see the reaction when it comes in contact with water. In a few seconds it turns into a compact and very hard mass. The most fitting comparison is that it is a sort of quick-setting cement of vegetable origin rather than mineral!

Why talk about this substance, when there are thousands of ingredients, technological adjuvants, preservatives, dyes, etc. (the famous “Exxx”) commonly used by the food industry, some dangerous? Because modified starch is present in a large variety of foods on sale.

The reason it is so widely used is because it allows you to produce at lower costs! Allows you to decrease nutrients in the recipe and replace them with water!

We at Biobontà do not use it.

Meanwhile, because its use is not authorized in the biological sector, as it is obtained through production processes that distort the starting agricultural product.

But we would not use modified starch anyway, because it is like ingesting a real glue (partly indigestible from the intestine, the so-called resistant starch fraction), not recommended for our health, even if European EFSA says it doesn’t hurt.

It should be considered that the wide use of modified starch, in a multiplicity of foods, entails a daily intake which can also become quite significant.

We do not use modified starch also because it replaces a noble part of the food to which it is added, and therefore impoverishes the nutritional supply of foods in terms of vitamins, proteins, minerals, trace elements, etc.

If you use real quality raw materials, there is no need to keep the recipe components together with powerful adhesives!

For all these reasons all Biobontà products do not contain modified starch!

A tip: when you find the presence of modified starch in a food on the label, avoid it! Imagine what effect the presence of a powerful glue can have on the digestive tract!