Natura è Piacere is the only Italian company that produces sauces with two CE markings!


Full guarantee for consumers of Natura è Piacere sauces.

CE marking is a sanitary authorization which regulates the production of food of animal origin in all the countries of European Union.

The CE marking of European Union includes 4 goods:

  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Milk

Is the highest hygienic-sanitary guarantee that exists in European Union for the safeguard of European consumers.

TUTTOVO, as a producer of Natura è Piacere, is the only company in Italy which has two CE markings for eggs and milk. In order to obtain the CE marking, the company underwent an inspection of the Italian Ministry of Health which strictly verified the factory’s premises, the machinery, the equipment, the productive procedures, staff behavior and clothing: all of these must be in accordance with the legislation.

Furthermore, the company has the CE marking number 3, which means that it has been among the first three certified companies in Italy, a great result for a SME!

After the concession of the CE stamp I-3OV the factory has been inspected weekly by a veterinarian of the ASL TO3 Piedmont which monitor that all the activities under the factory are realized in accordance with European Union Regulation.

There are over 20 procedures that TUTTOVO has enacted in order to produce Natura è Piacere sauces and satisfy legal requirements concerning raw materials, semi-finished products, the finished products that the company places on the market, the company staff, their clothes and their permanent formation/information.

Innovation and high-quality goods with a strong attention to consumer’s well-being and safety, are the objectives that inspire TUTTOVO mission in the production of Natura è Piacere sauces.