News: Journey in Taste with Biobontà

A selection of gourmet sauces for a gastronomic itinerary in the flavors of the world

These days we lack travel and the emotions that accompany discoveries. We can then go and explore other territories and get to know a true excellence in the world of organic, vegan and gluten-free: Biobontà, the line of sauces richest in high quality proposals, ready for you! We offer you a taste itinerary in a delicious package, a small gift with a pleasant taste to choose and to give, pleasant to receive, a gift to be remembered. The size of the jars is also perfect for singles and is designed to avoid waste when small quantities are needed to accompany your favorite dishes. In the box you will find 2 packages of our basic sauces: mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup, our sauces of wider combination.
Biobontà mayonnaise, creamy and delicate, goes well with fish, meat and vegetables, transforming a quick preparation into a refined dish. Biobontà mustard is a medium mustard, with a pleasant flavor, suitable for both meat and fish. It will give character to your maison sauces.

Biobontà ketchup is extraordinary for its pulpiness, harmony of flavors and balance of spicy notes. Perfect for bourguignonne, grilled and grilled meats, both red and white, tasty with potatoes. Excellent with mayonnaise to obtain a spectacular aurora sauce. Bon voyage with Biobontà delights.