Why Luca Della Robbia? Why talk about him 500 years later?

It was 1989, and Tuttovo started to produce biological gluten free sauces. I have been looking for the right name for the line of newborn sauces for several days.

One day I was coming back from a meeting with Mauro Beverari, buyer of Ecor-Natura Sì, I stopped by the autogrill of Villanova d’Asti to grab a coffee.

Casually, as long as the case exists, at the counter sipping coffee was the great Carlin Petrini, the founder and creator of Slow Food. I had known him for years and I greeted him with pleasure. I talked to him about my new project that I cared a lot: biological sauces and gluten free.

Petrini let me talk for a while, then he told me: “Ok, make these sauces biological, make them certified, make them gluten free, but… they have to be good!”

I was soon impressed by his statement. So, it came naturally to me and my partner to link natural with “good”, that means the “pleasure”.  That is how the brand “natura e piacere” was born.

Behind, an idea maybe a little naïve, linked to the ideal world of the illuminist Jean-Jacques Rousseau, of the good slave and good nature’s myth as opposed to the human civilization, the root of all evil.

I want an evocative image which expresses all these aspects.

To my partner Annamaria, professor of history and literature and excellent connoisser of art, it occurred to start from the splendid ceramics of Della Robbia, in particular, the most important representative of the family of artists, Luca, the great Italian Renaissance ceramist.

I called Angela Valle, a good painter from the Susa Valley to make our idea pictorially. And inspired by the delightful frames of Luca Della Robbia‘s majolica, the painter Angela Valle created this small masterpiece. Here is the result!

A frame of vegetables that beautifully surrounds the internal writings and strongly supports the brand “natura è piacere” (“nature is pleasure”). It also clearly suggests one of the tastiest combinations of sauces.

An image that has conquered everyone and that over time continues to receive acclaim and appreciation. It is been a while since we have decided to change the brand “natura è piacere” in Biobontà.

How did this come about? This is another story, and I am going to tell you another time!