A star is born

A star is born: Biobontà Beetroot Ketchup.
A small miracle, a perfect balance of scents and flavors, sweet and salty, earthy taste and scents of spices With a very oriental texture, complex, far from the skater one-way taste of tomato.

Beetroot Ketchup

Everything started with the article below, dedicated to the innovations of Ikea food (Beniamino Bonardi, 4th April 2018, Planet Comments).

Ikea presented five specialties for the fast food of the future, which is designing in its Space10 laboratory in Copenhagen, using healthy or sustainable products, but also delicious.” According to Ikea, to change people’s mentality about food and introduce new ingredients we can not simply attract the intellect, we must titillate their taste buds“.

Ikea’s Space10 lab envisioned the fast food of the future with alternative and sustainable ingredients.

The first dish is the Dogless Hotdog, which contains more protein than a “real” hot dog, but is made with dried and glazed baby carrots, beet and berry ketchup, mustard and turmeric cream, roasted onions, cucumber salad and a mix of herb salad.

Dogless hotdog with Beetroot ketchup

The idea of Beetroot Ketchup, to us as Biobontà we already produce 6 other ketchups, we liked it a lot and an R&D study was born to produce it. A study that lasted over 1 year and a half and encountered many degrees of difficulty.
For example, we chose to sweeten ketchup with erythritol instead of sugar.
Erythritol sweetens only 60% compared to sugar and does not give structure to products like sugar does.
But it has 0 calories and no glycemic peak.

The use of pomegranate vinegar, which has a delicate, but intensely fruity taste, also required a wise alchemy between the various scents.

The result is a truly unique product, an authentic concentrate of natural wellness:
• without tomato for those who are intolerant or allergic to it;
• with Italian pomegranate vinegar, a real preciousness;
• no added sugar, sweetened with erythritol, therefore with very few calories and especially suitable for diabetics;
• it has a very low nickel content, 500 times less (3 logarithms!) than a tomato ketchup;
beets are rich in B vitamins, folic acid and antioxidants;
• the most important thing: really delicious!

It has a unique and appetizing flavor, especially suitable for white meat such as chicken and turkey, vegetables, tofu and to accompany roast potatoes, vegetable chips or to stuff a burger.

One more comment on the production process.
We want to avoid greenwashing: we don’t tell you that it saves the planet fake tons of CO2 or other lies like this.

Any food production produces CO2; this is a scientifically proven fact.
There is no food production without CO2 emissions.
Those who say so claim a resounding false.

The European Consumers’ Association Beuc, which brings together 46 national organisations from 32 countries (including three in Italy), is officially calling for a ban on ‘carbon neutral’, ‘CO2 neutral’, ‘carbon positive’, ‘carbon neutral certified’ labelling of food, that would be just yet another form of greenwashing.

Biobontà Beetrot Ketchup has a simple formula, which uses components that are really at km 0.
Beets come from Alessandria, pomegranate vinegar from Mantua, tomatoes from Emilia Romagna, all strictly Made in Italy.

The pleasure of beetroot ketchup, genuinely healthy

But there’s a real secret to this delicious beet ketchup.
A secret that actually shares with 6 other Ketchups of Biobontà.
It is cooked in a double boiler for 12 hours, just like our grandmothers did.

Low-temperature cooking (“low and slow“) is very fashionable today, we know it well and have successfully used it for many years.

This slow cooking at low temperature binds together the scents, aromas, and various micro constituents of raw materials, and also prevents the formation of the Maillard reaction.
The result is an incomparable taste.

A result that is unreasonable for companies that use industrial processes, where in a matter of minutes you go from raw product to product bottled, labeled and ready for sale.

What can we say more? … A star is born …

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