Mayonnaise in 3 steps

Dear friends, we took a break and we are now ready to make an amazing mayonnaise with and for you!
Let’s recall the steps we did until now:
We squeezed the sunflower seeds and obtained the oil.
• We got our precious egg yolk by separating it from the egg white.

Now we are going to put the yolk, vinegar, lemon, salt, a bit of mustard and pepper into a big immersion blender.
I say it is big, because ours can make more than 400 kg of mayonnaise at a time!

Its working principle is exactly the same one of the immersion blender you have at home.
A big mechanical force is applied to the ingredients of the sauce, and it ensures that the oil and the water (yolk, lemon, vinegar) intimately blend.

It is the lecithin contained in the egg yolk that makes this magic process possible.

This way, the tiny oil drops disperse in the watery phase of the sauce, and to make this happen the oil drops need to be very very tiny.

I want to reveal a secret, which contrasts a bit with what you have read until now on cooking books and blogs: use oil, yolk, vinegar, and lemon all fresh from the fridge, and you will see that your mayonnaise will be even better.

As a famous publicist, Franco Angeli, said: “try it for yourself”!

But let’s go back to us and our big immersion blender.
At this point we switch it on and start doing the mayonnaise.

Of course, we need a bit more time to blend well 400 kg of sauce, but the procedure is quite similar to the one you do at home.

However, there is a crucial passage that you cannot do.

The mayonnaise finally put into the jar

The emulsion is made in a big tank, and while the sauce is taking its form, a vacuum is created into the tank.
This is because the oxygen contained in the air (around 21%), facilitates the oxidations and favours the growth of bacteria!

So, the less air/oxygen in the sauce, the better it can be conserved.
At this point I have to share with you another secret.

You will be wondering why the mayonnaise you make at home, even if kept in the fridge, lasts less than the one you buy, which can last several months.

It’s the acidity of the sauce, obtained with the vinegar or the lemon, and only with them, without the use of acidifiers and preservatives as in the industrial mayonnaise!

This acidity, with the vacuum and the strict respect of the hygiene measures, and the hermetic seal of the jars, allows the long-lasting quality of our Mayonnaise.

My dear friends, I’m really exhausted after this long process.

But we’re almost done: now we just have to put our Classic Mayonnaise into a jar, close it with the hermetic seal, place the tag, put the pallets on a platform and then on a truck.

Here’s our amazing Mayonnaise ready for you.
Creamy and delicate, the mayonnaise is the good match with everything and satisfies everyone! Could this be the reason why it is often referred as the queen of the sauces?

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